Mandip Gill’s Growth Story

Mandip Gill is an actor, best known for her roles in Doctor Who and Hollyoaks. She has starred in Doctor Who since 2018, playing the role of the Thirteenth Doctor’s companion, Yasmin.

In an exclusive interview with Place2Be Ambassador Josh Smith, Mandip shares her Growth Story with us.

After watching Mandip’s Growth Story, you may want to have a discussion as a class about your own growth. Here are a few suggested discussion points and questions:

  • When Mandip first started acting, it took her two years to get her first TV role. She said she almost gave up. What helps you to keep trying even when you feel stuck?
  • Mandip talks about difficult moments in her life, including bereavement and moving schools, and how she has changed and grown as a result of those experiences. Think of a challenging time that you have been through in the past... did you learn anything from it?
  • “You are able to rewire yourself at any point” - Mandip talks about our capacity to change and grow throughout our lives. Do you agree with her? Why or why not?

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