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Wellbeing Well: how primary school pupils look after their wellbeing

Who or what helps you when you’re feeling upset, angry or worried? Pupils in a Place2Be partner school in Cardiff took part in our Wellbeing Well activity and shared the different ways they look after their wellbeing.

Drawing and writing about the different ways they look after their wellbeing, the pupils described how the people around them can cheer them up when they’re feeling sad. Many pupils talked about spending time with their parents or carers, siblings and friends.

When I am sad a hug with my sister will make me happy. Kydon, 9 years old

For many, animals and pets were an important factor in their wellbeing.

When I’m feeling sad and worried, I go to my bunnies to play with them and it makes me really happy. I love them so much! Elina, 10 years old

Hobbies were also a common way of looking after their wellbeing, with pupils sharing their love of reading, playing sports, playing a musical instrument, swimming, dancing, drawing or colouring in.

When I am feeling sad, I dance, and it makes me feel safe. Basketball makes me happy. When I am feeling worried, I do cheerleading, and it makes me feel relaxed and calm. Skye, 10 years old

Many of the pupils said that getting outdoors helped their wellbeing; sitting by a tree, going to the park, or going for a walk (even in the rain!)

When I feel sad, I like to go and get some fresh air. When I get back, I play with my brother and sisters. They are only two, but they make me feel safe and joyful. Kylan, 10 years old

A selection of the pupils' ideas and suggestions can be viewed below.


A huge thank you to all of the pupils who shared their wellbeing activity ideas with us, and to their teachers and Place2Be School Project Manager.

If you’d like to try this activity with your child, or pupils, it’s on Page 4 of our Primary Activities for Schools.