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BAFTA’s Let’s Connect – video series

In this short film series created by BAFTA for Children’s Mental Health Week 2023, stars from across film, TV and radio reflect on the different ways that they connect with others.

BAFTA’s Young Presenters, aged between 12 and 17, sat down with creative talent to explore this year’s theme of ‘Let’s Connect’.

Conversations ranged from who you feel closest to; is it ok to let relationships go; how creativity helps you to connect with others and what brings you closer to people you don’t know.  The interviews concluded with a friendly challenge and game of Connect4 ™ Hasbro.

To ensure the conversations continue, BAFTA’s Young Presenter competition will use the theme of connection for its annual competition, open to 10-18 year olds from 13 February. For more information, visit the BAFTA website.


These videos are aimed at older primary school pupils, and secondary / high school pupils. They could be used in school, or at home, as a conversation starter with children and young people. Watch them all below.

BAFTA’s Let’s Connect - watch the videos now


Let’s Connect: Amita Suman with Jeriah

BAFTA Young Presenter Jeriah in conversation with actress, Amita Suman. Ahead of their Connect4 ™ challenge, Amita discusses how everyone struggles with friendships and the joy of a mixed cultural heritage, particularly the colourful Holi Festival.

Watch Amita and Jeriah

Let’s Connect: Big Zuu with Samaira

BAFTA Young Presenter Samaira in conversation with TV chef & presenter, Big Zuu before a Connect4 ™ challenge. Big Zuu discusses his friendships, cooking, music, comedy and the importance of having people with different views in your life.

Watch Big Zuu and Samaira
BAFTA Clara Amfo

Let’s Connect: Clara Amfo with Maryam

BAFTA Young Presenter Maryam in conversation with broadcaster and BBC Radio 1 host Clara Amfo before a Connect4 ™ challenge. Clara discusses how she feels connected to dance, music and film and the special connection she felt when filming with Billie Eilish.

Watch Clara and Maryam

Let’s Connect: Dafne Keen with Braydon

BAFTA Young Presenter Braydon in conversation with actress, Dafne Keen, who currently stars as the lead in BBC’s His Dark Materials and will next be seen in the new Star Wars series, The Acolyte. Dafne discusses her pet dog; her British/Spanish heritage which leads to humour misunderstandings and split loyalties during the World Cup!

Watch Dafne and Braydon
BAFTA Dermot

Let’s Connect: Dermot O’Leary with Braydon

BAFTA Young Presenter Braydon chats with presenter and broadcaster, Dermot O’Leary before a Connect4 ™ challenge. Dermot discusses the musical legends he’s clicked with and how his love of football connects him with people he wouldn’t normally meet.

Watch Dermot and Braydon

Let’s Connect: Kit Connor with Gracie

BAFTA Young Presenter Gracie in conversation with actor Kit Connor, who played the young Elton John in Rocketman and currently stars as Nick in Netflix series Heartstopper. Ahead of their Connect4 ™ challenge, Kit discusses the importance of queer representation and how film, games and music help you connect with others and be creative yourself.

Watch Kit and Gracie