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Building Connections with Dr Alex George - activity for 14-18-year-olds

This reflective activity, led by UK Youth Mental Health Ambassador Dr Alex George, encourages young people to think of ways to use their voice to connect with those who may feel marginalised or disconnected.

In this activity, young people are taken through a series of questions and asked to consider their thoughts on them.

Building Connections questions

  • Can boys and men be feminists?
  • How can white people show that they are anti-racist?
  • How can straight people be allies to those who identify as LGBTQI+?
  • How can extroverts leave enough room in social spaces for introverts to have their voices heard?
  • How can bystanders intervene safely when they witness bullying behaviour?

We suggest watching the video below, with or without BSL interpretation, and then splitting your class into small groups to answer each question and feed their thoughts to the class.


Building Connections activity video


Building Connections activity video with BSL interpretation