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Taskmaster Education partners with Place2Be for Children’s Mental Health Week

Taskmaster Education and Place2Be have announced that they are partnering for Children’s Mental Health Week 2023, in a bid to get children across the country puzzle and problem solving.

Taskmaster hosts Greg Davies and Alex Horne

The partnership between Place2Be and Taskmaster Education is an exciting opportunity to play Taskmaster across the country with thousands of children at the same time. 

Hosted by Greg Davies and starring (and created by) Alex Horne, the television series, Taskmaster sees celebrities pitted against each other to complete tasks. 

Taskmaster Education takes elements of the show and uses them to inspire, engage and teach children and young people. The tasks can be adapted to meet any desired aims that the teacher might have, whether curriculum-based or more, to aid the child's social and emotional development.

During Children’s Mental Health Week 2023, Alex Horne will set daily tasks for children to do at school or at home. 

There will also be a treasure hunt, with daily clues to solve. If solved correctly over the week, schools, families, or other groups will make it onto the Wall of Fame and have a chance to win the Taskmaster Treasure Hunt Grand Prize. 

By engaging with Taskmaster's approach to learning, children develop important life skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, communication, lateral thinking, and resilience, while pupil wellbeing is supported and developed by making the school day more fun. 

Working in teams improves a child's sense of belonging, and the varied nature of tasks will allow every child to have the chance to play their part, feel involved and succeed. 

Place2Be launched children’s Mental Health Week in 2015 to shine a spotlight on the importance of children and young people’s mental health. Now in its ninth year, we hope to encourage more people than ever to get involved, spread the word, and raise vital funds for children’s mental health. 

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