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Stars from across film, TV and radio share top tips for kids and teens

In a new short film series created by BAFTA for Children’s Mental Health Week 2023, stars from across film, TV and radio reflect on the different ways they keep a healthy mind. BAFTA’s Young Presenters, aged between 12 and 17 sat down with creative talent to explore this year’s theme of ‘Let’s Connect’.

BAFTA Young Presenter Samaira with Big Zuu

BAFTA’s Let’s Connect series sees stars including Dermot O’Leary and Clara Amfo discuss the importance of connection, how they connect with others and what they do when they feel disconnected or lonely.

The video series features:

  • Amita Suman in conversation with Jeriah
  • Big Zuu in conversation with Samaira
  • Clara Amfo in conversation with Maryam
  • Dafne Keen in conversation with Braydon
  • Dermot O’Leary in conversation with Braydon
  • Kit Connor in conversation with Gracie


From navigating friendship issues to adjusting to fame, the stars shared insights into how they stay grounded throughout their careers.

I feel very connected to my wife, my family. I know my friends are there in the fun and the tough times but there are also things you need to work out for yourself and put into context. Dermot O'Leary

Big Zuu spoke about his friendships with Tubsey and Hyder, who feature in his show Big Zuu’s Big Eats: “I’m really close with my friends, we all have something different – we're like the Avengers. I connect a lot with my friends, I don’t have a lot of family here. Sometimes you feel like you’re going through something no one understands. That’s why it’s good to have different people to talk to and connect with.​

Even if someone has done me wrong, I always try to leave it on good terms... You have to deal with negative things head on. It’s trial and error though, sometimes it will go right and sometimes it doesn’t. I love music – all kinds- different ones for different moods. Big Zuu

Clara Amfo spoke about how natural it is to have hard days amongst the fun:

I am greedy, I have so many connections! My friends and family are very close to me for sure. But it’s also so natural to experience those feelings of disconnection - everyone has a bad day and it’s ok not to be 100% happy all of the time. Clara Amfo

All of these exclusive interviews are now available to watch here on the Children’s Mental Health Week website, or on the BAFTA Kids and Teens YouTube Channel.

As Children's Mental Health Week draws to a close, BAFTA will begin its search for its next Young Presenters. The competition opens on Monday, 13 February, to young people aged 10-18.  This year’s winners Maryam and Jeriah participated in The Times and The Sunday Times Cheltenham Literature Festival last October; a presenting stint on Sky Kids; alongside a host of red carpet opportunities and presenting at BAFTA events throughout the year including the BAFTA’s Children & Young People Awards. For more details of how to enter visit BAFTA’s website here.

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