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YolanDa Brown

YolanDa Brown’s Growth Story

YolanDa Brown is a saxophonist, composer and broadcaster, who you might recognise from her CBeebies show YolanDa’s Band Jam. YolanDa has written songs for Sesame Street and has performed across the globe. She became a Place2Be Champion in 2021.

In an exclusive interview with Place2Be Ambassador Josh Smith, YolanDa shares her Growth Story with us.


After watching YolanDa’s Growth Story, you may want to have a discussion as a class about your own growth. Here are a few suggested discussion points and questions:

  • YolanDa talks about how she wanted to be a race car driver when she grew up – but now she is a musician! What are some things we can do to feel better when something doesn’t go to plan or we don’t achieve our goal?
  • Josh asks YolanDa how she believes in herself, and she says she has to keep trying! How do you believe in yourself? How can you help your friends and classmates to believe in themselves too?
  • Josh and YolanDa talk about expressing how they feel through music, dance, poetry or sport... what are some other ways that we can express how we feel?